Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия "Let's sing" (8-11 классы)

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Let's sing" расчитано для учащихся 8-11 классов. Данное мероприятие проводится после уроков, вечером. В классе можно выключить свет и зажечь свечи. 

Ребята заранее разучивают песни вместе с учителем на уроках. Можно петь и под караоке. Песни должны быть известны детям. Можно детей заранее разделить на группы. Каждая группа разучивает определённые песни, какого-нибудь исполнителя. Дети заранее готовят презентации. На вечере песен рассказывают об исполнителе песен или о истории создания той или иной песни. Потом все вместе исполняю песню (песни). 

Это мероприятие всегда проходит на "Ура".


Предмет: Иностранные языки
Категория материала: Другие методич. материалы
Класс: 11 класс
Автор: Чорапина Ландыш Мансуровна это Вы?
Тип материала: Документ Microsoft Word (docx)
Размер: 17.18 Kb

The Script

Of the English Song Party


(for 8-11 form students)

Чорапина Л.М..

учитель английского языка

Good evening, dear friends – English songs loversWe are glad to see you at our party LET’S SING IN ENGLISHEverybody likes singing and listening to songs. We do it everywhere: in the street, at home, at the party or even in the bus. Music is a part of our life. Songs in English are the most attractive. Today we have a chance to sing our favourite songs in English. Not for audience, just for ourselves. These are songs of different generations, but we love and sing them. To make our atmosphere more unofficial, emotional and friendly, we offer you to play a game. Listen to a piece of music and try to guess the name of a song or a group or a singer. As you can see, almost all of you know these songs. We are sure you’ll join our singing.The founders of this direction are Sasha Habina and Dasha Kurova. We ask our girls to sing their favourite song “I have a dream”. Sasha’s song is from the American film, but it is closely connected with the Russian history. The song is about the events which happened in the Russian royal family at the beginning of the 20th century. We invite Sasha Habina to our stage. And we sing along. The song from cartoon “Anastasiya”Now try to guess the authors of the next songs. They came from Britain. There were 4 members in the band. They played in their own style and were extremely popular in 1960s.You are right. We are talking about the Beatles. The popular British group whose music your parents were crazy about. This group is considered to be the founder of rock music. Your parents and we, your teachers, are fond of their songs: “Yesterday”, “The girl”, “Help”, “ Let it be”. They are still very popular not only among adults but the young.We have already listened to the song “Yesterday” performed by Iljya Rozhnev. We ask him to sing the song again.

English language is wide spread all over the world. And many performers from different countries sing their songs in English. One of them is the most popular group of 80s ABBA. Sasha Habina from the 9th “A” will sing its hit “Dancing Queen” for us. We learned a lot of songs from films and musicals. Can you give us any examples of them? …. Yes you are right. Now let’s sing the song from the film “Titanic with Alyona Sharova ”. We invite to our stage the students of the 8 forms. Girls, what is the name of the songs you are going to sing? Who is the perfomer of this song.

It is the end of our party. But we are sure you like it, and hope you would like to take part in it again next year.

And our final song is our favourite “Yellow submarine”


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